About Tim

‘When a photographer can sense, anticipate and then document moments as a journalist would, all without speaking or changing the scene, reporting the naturally discovered events. Results are truly timeless and telling of the day’s spirit and couple’s love, all based on the belief that people look best on their own.’

Tim’s had the privilege of shooting over 300 weddings and this is his 15th year in wedding and commercial photography and 11th as a solo photographer. He’s an Official Fujifilm X Photographer, Litra Ambassador and a proud member of Fearless Photographers.

When it come’s to weddings, if you want dozens of posed photos, and a wedding album that looks much like everyone else’s, he’s not the photographer for you. Plenty of wonderful photographers will happily oblige, but that’s just not Tim.

He’s your guy if you like the idea of a sincere eyewitness to your love and dedication. An honest photographic reflection of your beautiful day. A sincere documentary-style approach, based on authentic, unpretentious, unpredictable, incredible images.

He’ll be there for the showers and shaves, the makeup and hairdryers, the little kids asking, ‘When are we going?’ But he don’t take you away from your guests for hours and hours. When requested to, he will shoot beautiful portraits of you and your special people, and then let you get on with the magic of your day – while he captures everything else.

Tim’s pedigree

His portfolio ranges from celebrity, event and music photography to serving as official photographer for the British Royal Family on the Isle of Man. His also done a lot of skateboarding action shots, including shooting & skating with the amazing Tony Hawk.

His approach

He works solo on assignment. No assistants, no bag-carriers, no second shooters. It’s just him, with his near silent cameras – able to tell the story from early morning to late evening. He not lazy, he’s doesn’t get tired, and he’s everywhere. His documentary coverage is complete and total.

His reputation

“Tim managed to capture the purity and deep connection shared at the religious ceremony, the biggest craziest party, the first dance, our jovial parents and family who gathered to celebrate our long-awaited union, and even New Year’s Eve. Not all photographers are able to do that: capture the essence of a 12-year relationship in just one click.” – Ella Bella, founder of Generation Earth