The story behind this photograph.

Rahul & Kelly enjoyed an elaborate wedding in the UK and following that wanted some time to themselves to renew their vows and make intimate memories. I flew out to meet them on Bazaruto Island in Mozambique to document this special time away with beautiful images. The next day we left at sunset to visit the iconic Pansy Island that is only accessible on low tide. Essentially this island is reborn from the ocean every single day.

Imagine your chosen location to renew your vows and make photographs, rising up out of the ocean to greet you, only to disappear at sunset. We made so many images here that I’m very proud of and one of my favourites is of them walking off into the distance, together alone. I suppose it would be easy to gush and quote song lyrics here yet I feel that this image stands strong on it’s own, telling a beautiful story.

The reason my clients chose me to document their wedding day is because of my candid and uncontrived documentary photography. My story telling ability stretches past those images and should they choose to shoot portraits I prefer not to shoot the usual, posed images but instead want them to tell a story.

Just as this image does. That’s why I love this photograph, young love setting off on an adventure together, alone. Together.

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