Documentary Wedding – Sara & William

They don’t get much better than this! Sara and William’s day was everything and more that I feel a wedding should be. We had the love, that’s obvious, emotion, check, and then Sara, possibly the most excited bride ever! There were real tears… Real. Tears. It was beautiful, unguarded and sincere and I throughly enjoyed myself being invited in amongst old friends and family to document this wonderful celebration. The weather man predicted thundershowers all day long yet somehow they only materialised early in the evening which was perfect, we had great light & superb weather all day long!

Oakfields Wedding Venue was as always gorgeous, from the mirror adorned rooms to attentive staff and great food in the evening, it’s a venue to be highly recommended.

 An interesting take away for me was when someone asked me if I was going to cry during any part of the event. I said I’ll do my best to document everything I saw and not miss a moment. What I didn’t realise was how emotionally invested I became on the day until after the wedding. I was emotionally drained. Physically exhausted. This manner of documenting a wedding, where the photographer truly strives to photograph, document, and capture every single moment requires a focus and intent that while leaving me drained, but so absolutely satisfied in having told their sincere, uncontrived and effortless story. 

Here’s a small sample of their story, I hope you enjoy looking through these images and feel free to comment! I’d love to hear what you think.  

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