The Story behind this Photograph (a series of images)

Arno and Ethresia held their wedding in beautiful light at the Cowshed Venue. An old, converted farmhouse boasting thick, solid walls and beautiful north facing windows (we’re in the Southern Hemisphere here) that invited in so much striking light.

At this point on the day Ethresia had just gotten into her dress and I spotted the opportunity of making a beautiful frame from outside the room standing on the veranda. I waited and made a few frames while moving closer while Ethresia and her bridesmaid talked and laughed. Using a documentary approach means I start shooting as soon as I see the potential in a situation and then move so as to find the perfect frame. I kept shooting and using the electronic shutter meant that my camera made no noise and since I don’t use much flash at all there was no indication to the bride that I was there.

When she turned to look outside I saw the moment and made this image below. Unsolicited and uncontrived. Made using my X-T1 with the Fujifilm 56mm (85mm equivalent) f1.2 lens The doorway framed her perfectly and the striking window light created a beautiful contrast against the doorway behind her.

When the other bridesmaids arrived I switch to my X100T with it’s 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens and carried on shooting in the room. Having obviously been to so many weddings before and knowing the photographs that had been set up on those occasions the girls started joking about the ‘getting ready’ images they needed to pose for. I didn’t say a word and carried on shooting. Using a small, silent camera and not using any flash to disrupt the fun I made this image below. It’s one of my favorites from the day and Ethresia’s expression makes it for me. Relaxed and enjoying the day with her friends without interruption. Just how I feel anyone’s wedding day is supposed to be.

Choosing a True Documentary Wedding photographer to tell your story is the only way to have your wedding day’s moments captured just the way they beautifully, sincerely and happily happened.

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  1. Beautiful work Tim. Inspirational and well crafted. Look forward to seeing more pics made by you in this difficult genre of wedding photography.

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