Documentary Wedding – Evan & Lauren

I love home weddings. You get to celebrate your love and devotion where you live your love and devotion. I met Evan and Lauren during a break between lockdowns in the pandemic near the end of 2020.

The big surprise in meeting them was that Evan and I used to skateboard together in Bloemfontein in the late 80s! They were planning for their celebration to be held at home and were hoping that limits imposed on weddings would remain eased when the time arrived, we were all so fortunate that they were!

This was the most perfect example of why I consider it a privilege to be invited in amongst family and old friends to document a couples day. There was such depth to their story, to the families connection. There was ice cream at the church, a video room for the kids at their home, lots of lol’ing and just the best kind if people to make photographs of!

Here is what Lauren had to say: ‘What struck me was that Tim captured our day and our family exactly as we are – the small moments between the big ones, the shoe-induced tantrum by my littlest moments before the ceremony, and the expressions and smiles that are so often missed because the day is fleeting.
When I look at the photos of our wedding day, they ground me. They remind me of what is most important in life and in this family and this commitment. They have become another thread in what holds us together.
Tim has given us such a gift by photographing our family, our day and our home with such care and attention!’

Evan & Lauren, thank you for choosing me to document your story!

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