A Day in the life… Carter.

I met Shanna and Pedro a few years back when I was given the wonderful opportunity to photograph their wedding on the west coast of South Africa. We hit it off straight away and had a wonderful time making some timeless photos.

When Shanna was expecting we got them into studio to photograph her bump and then when Carter was born I was privileged once again to be asked to make his newborn images.

I was very excited when his first trip around the sun was complete and we got together to do a day in the life shoot. Instead of staging images in a studio or on location, we chose to document a typical Saturday morning in the family’s life as they woke up, fed and dressed Carter, and then took him for a swimming lesson.

The idea here is that we document a sincere event in the family’s life without resorting to setup after setup. Instead, as you’ll see here, we went about capturing natural and candid moments. The frowns are genuine and the smiles are their brightest. Take a look at the images, the fun, the laughter, a real chapter from Carter’s life and then ask yourself when you’ll be booking your day in the life shoot?


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