Documentary Wedding – Victor & Abby – Part One

I still remember meeting Victor and Abby for the first time. They talked about big families, sincerity, and how they wanted their wedding day to be documented ‘as is.’ My photos were to show the laughter and smiles and tears and more.

I remember arriving at the bridal room at Glenburn Lodge and seeing all those mirrors! The room was bright, with lots of space to move around and jam packed full of people in just the best mood!

It was so exciting for me to be making photographs in this space, that I want to dedicate this blog to these photos. The next blog will tell the rest of the day’s story, from service to party. 

In the meantime, just imagine that you were here on the day. Look at the smiles, notice the other faces and expressions you’ll see reflected in the mirrors, feel the wonderful mood.

In their words: ‘

It has been such an honour to have you capture the culmination of our #JourneytoJacobs through our wedding day on 21 March 2021. We look at the photos everyday in awe of the story it tells, and the day comes alive for us everytime we reflect on it. You captured raw emotion, precious moments and what feels like every minute of the day. Your photos tell a story that far surpasses perfect posed moments. They tell a story of family, of laughter, spontaneity, joy and most importantly love. We are eternally grateful for the masterpiece produced through your pictures. Thank you!!’ Abby and Victor

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