Documentary Wedding – Benita & Brendon

Benita, Brendon and I have all been looking forward to this wedding for a long, long time. Having being confirmed in 2019, the pandemic stalled this wedding for ages! When dates were confirmed and then rescheduled it added to the frustration we all felt and that had become familiar to so many couples over the last year.

When we got a date confirmed the wedding took place at the stunning Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, on a beautiful, warm Autumn day. You’ll hear this from me a lot, the privilege I consider it to be to document a couple’s most special day from a guests perspective. I see and hear and enjoy all the best parts of the day, as these photos here will show you. 

In Benita’s words: ‘How can I ever thank you enough? The gift you gave us, to capture the story of how the best day of our lives unfolded. You became part of the bridal party so quickly, making us feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you Tim. Thank you for your time, your patience, your passion and your art.’

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